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What Others Say About Dr Grace Sha

Dear Grace, having listened to your talk on burnout, I wish to thank you for this outstanding presentation. It was well-structured, well-paced, visually pleasing, evidence based and follows a sound pedagogical strategy, the hero quest.

Your ability to share elements of your journey in which you wrestle with faith questions is respectful of others’ views, whilst being faithful to your own. Spiritually natural and naturally spiritual.

You are blessed with a highly developed speaking gift and excellent content which is worthy of an international platform.

I would highly recommend Grace as a conference speaker, including our own.


Director of Community Impact at Korus Connect

Dr Grace spoke on a very relevant and untouched topic. It had plenty of take-home messages for me!

Grace quoted some wonderful examples, made us do small exercises which led to a light fun environment and delivered a great message.

Grace’s talk gave me a different perspective and now I have better ideas about communicating with my clinic staff. I am grateful to have known Grace, her life journey and all the fabulous things she does.

I am so eager to read her book already. Many people can benefit from hearing Grace’s experiences and philosophy.


Keynote Talk Attendee

Dr Grace Sha’s presentation, ‘How to Prevent and Repair Fractured Relationships in Dental Practices’ is a remarkable testament to her multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to the dental field.

As the current president of the Southside Dental Study Group, Grace’s leadership journey shines through as she adeptly guides her audience through strategies for healing and nurturing dental practice relationships. Her impressive academic background, including graduating at the top of her class from the University of Melbourne, underscores the depth of her knowledge.

Grace’s dedication to education exemplified by her University tutoring roles, adds a layer of credibility to her insights on fostering collegiality and effective communication within dental teams. With her holistic perspective on healthcare, burnout prevention, and work-life balance,

Grace emerges as a beacon of inspiration, both within and beyond the realm of dentistry.


Edge Orthodontics


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