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About Dr Grace Sha

Dr Grace Sha is a captivating speaker, author and visionary founder of the Mental Wealth Institute.  She is a natural storyteller with many life’s lessons to share. Grace’s strength is to empower teams to reconnect and rediscover their passion for work.

Using the roadmap from her book ‘Mental Wealth – How to Journey from Burnout to Abundance’, Grace’s message will revitalise your life from surviving to thriving. 

Grace is a survivor of burnout, who has triumphed over shocking adversities and challenges. Her story is one of resilience, adventure and hope. Highlights of her journey include a trip to South Africa with Sir Richard Branson and volunteering in mental hospitals overseas. 

Beyond her clinical dental career, where she has the privilege of practicing healthcare with care, Grace is: 

  • a leader passionate about good governance and rejuvenating organisational culture. 

  • a volunteer purposeful in serving with not-for-profits locally and overseas. 

  • a creative entrepreneur who excels in a diverse range of endeavours, including property investment, event productions and management. 

Join Dr Grace Sha as she shares secrets to her transformative journey from burnout to abundance in relationships, wealth, mental and physical health.

Dr Grace Sha speaks at corporate events and workplaces on a range of topics including:

  • How to Journey from Burnout to Abundance
  • How to Prevent and Repair Fractured Relationships
  • How to Practice Healthcare with Care
  • Positive Workplace Relationships and Mental Wellness
  • Success Mindset for Workplaces
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Workshops & Coaching​

Dr Grace’s workplace workshop programs include topics such as:
  • Burnout Prevention Signature Program
  • Positive Workplace Relationships and Communication Seminar
  • Mental Wellness for Workplaces
  • Success Mindset for Teams
Topics and number of sessions can be tailored to each workplace and audience. 
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How to Journey From Burnout to Abundance

In Production – Releasing Early 2024

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Are you struggling with burnout?

Are you craving a healthy work-life balance?

Would you like to spend more time doing what you love?

Would you like to earn a good income and actually have time to enjoy it?

It is possible to have all this and more.

Dr Grace Sha reveals how in this highly acclaimed book.

Once a burnt-out healthcare professional who felt trapped, disconnected, and drained by her work and relationships, Grace overcame shocking adversities, and developed great empathy for those that have lost their spark in relationships, lack zest for their work or are re-evaluating their purpose in life.

In this must-read book, Grace shares the lessons she has learnt from navigating the mountains and valleys of life, to help other busy professionals who are struggling with burnout, to also achieve a life of balance, improved relationships and an abundance in health and wealth.

It is time for you to level up your Mental Wealth!

What Others Say​

“I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Grace over the last few years as a professional colleague and friend. It has been inspiring to witness Grace leverage personal experience as she shares her learnings and insights in the workplace wellness space.
Grace is an engaging speaker with a passion for mental wellbeing in life and work. Her workshops are fun and relevant, and  she empowers audiences with practical tools that have immediate impact on team members and the workplace as a whole.”  
Brisbane Dentist

“Dr Grace spoke on a very relevant and untouched topic. It had plenty of take-home messages for me! Grace quoted some wonderful examples, made us do small exercises which led to a light fun environment and delivered a great message. Grace’s talk gave me a different perspective and now I have better ideas about communicating with my clinic staff. I am grateful to have known Grace, her life journey and all the fabulous things she does. I am so eager to read her book already. Many people can benefit from hearing Grace’s experiences and philosophy.”


“Dr Grace Sha’s presentation, ‘How to Prevent and Repair Fractured Relationships in Dental Practices’ is a remarkable testament to her multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to the dental field.  As the current president of the Southside Dental Study Group, Grace’s leadership journey shines through as she adeptly guides her audience through strategies for healing and nurturing dental practice relationships.  Her impressive academic background, including graduating at the top of her class from the University of Melbourne, underscores the depth of her knowledge.  Grace’s dedication to education exemplified by her University tutoring roles, adds a layer of credibility to her insights on fostering collegiality and effective communication within dental teams.  With her holistic perspective on healthcare, burnout prevention, and work-life balance, Grace emerges as a beacon of inspiration, both within and beyond the realm of dentistry.”


“I recently attended a talk about workplace relationships by Dr Grace. I found it very useful and beneficial. I actually used some of the strategies Grace discussed the very next week at work and it helped me improve my relationships with my work colleagues.”


I enjoyed the whole presentation! It was very clear, informative and easy to understand. I have been trying to learn and self research to improve my workplace relationships and communication for a while. Grace has really helped sort my thoughts about this and taught me exactly what I was searching for. You are an inspiration Grace. Thank you for all that you do!

“Grace’s presentation was very wholesome and informative, I learned a lot about teamwork and realising what other people might need in my workplace.”
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