Burnout to Abundance Ep5 Dr Kaejenn Tchia

Burnout to Abundance Ep5 Dr Kaejenn Tchia

March 05, 20242 min read

Welcome to the Burnout to Abundance series hosted by Dr Grace Sha. My hope for sharing this series of conversations, is to help promote more open and honest conversations about burnout, how to prevent burnout and how to recover from it.

If you resonate with the stories in these interviews, I hope you can share the video with someone you care about in your life and at work, so that they too, would be able to implement some of the simple strategies and tips shared by each guest to prevent burnout and promote positive workplace culture.

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In episode 5 of the Burnout to Abundance series, I had a wonderful heart to heart conversation with Dr Kaejenn Tchia who is the current President of the Australian Dental Association Northern Territory branch, and a friend who has encouraged me to join the Australian Dental Association Queensland Council earlier this year.

Kaejenn founded The Limitless Dentist after he experienced burnout early in his career as a dentist. I always enjoy our very open and vulnerable chats - Kaejenn has also interviewed me on his Instagram Live channel a few months ago as well.

Practical mindset changes we both shared in our journey from burnout to abundance include :

1) Focusing on progress over perfection, and pursuing excellence instead of perfection

2) Trading expectation for appreciation, and developing an attitude of gratitude

3) Showing grace towards your growth, and showing grace towards others as well.

Our hope is that this episode will help you recognise burnout, feel safe to share about your struggles with those you trust, and know that you are not alone. We hope to help remove the stigma around discussions of burnout so that those who are struggling can move forward and seek help where required.

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Dr Grace Sha

Grace is an inspiring and captivating speaker, author of ‘Mental Wealth - How to Journey from Burnout to Abundance’ (releasing in 2024), and visionary founder of the Mental Wealth Institute. She is a natural storyteller with many life lessons to share and motivates her listeners to revitalise their life, to not just survive, but thrive, and live abundantly. Grace’s strength is to empower teams to reconnect and rediscover their passion and WHY for work. As a survivor of burnout, who has triumphed over shocking adversities and challenges. Grace’s lived experience is one of resilience, adventure and hope. Highlights of her journey include a trip to South Africa with Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Unite team, as well as volunteering in mental hospitals overseas. A firm believer in prevention is better than cure, Grace is a strong advocate for preventive health care, burnout prevention and positive workplace culture. Grace currently holds leadership and board positions in Australian dental associations, mentors young professionals and loves connecting with other like-minded individuals who have a passion for collaborating, serving and creating positive impacts in our community.

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